Do you know the feeling when you’ve set brand new wallpaper on the screen and can’t be more pleased to start your session? We all know this feeling too well! But as the time passes slowly, you can get accustomed to seeing the same image in the background every day of the week. That’s when picture’s aesthetic starts to mean nothing to you and becomes boring and dull.

Eventually, you’ll end up changing it to the new one and continue this vicious cycle routinely. But your Mac can help you get out of this loop! Your solution is an automatic wallpaper refresher that is located in the Preferences. Don’t spend your time doing what your Mac can do for you!

How to make wallpapers change automatically

Take a backseat and enjoy your background switch pictures automatically! To set this feature, go to your System PreferencesDesktop – Screen SaverDesktop tab – Change picture option. Once you turn on this option, your computer will shuffle the images every 30 minutes by default. If you want your background to be a little more active, try customizing the time interval to your preferences.

Also, we recommend choosing Random order option, so you’ll never know what will pop up next. Isn’t it exciting? With this fun feature, each picture will take you by surprise, and that’s totally worth it. When you’re done with the settings, the current wallpaper is going to disappear from your screen only to make way for a round of fresh images to boggle your eyes.

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Your Mac can change wallpapers for you!

Now you’ve learned just another hack on how to make your life a tiny bit easier. With this option, you’ll start to enjoy your working environment that changed from boring to fun. Do you remember the times when you used to decide which picture to set as a wallpaper? Well, they’ve gone for good! Today, your Mac is in full control of the situation.

Unquestionably, changing your wallpaper is the least important thing in your organizer, but sometimes it makes a big difference in your activity. For example, refreshing your wallpaper can give an additional boost to your mood and alter your working conditions. So try changing your wallpapers more often!


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