What is so great about Safari’s Reader mode? Well, first of all, it saves your eyes from distractive elements that get in your way when you’re trying to read an article or scroll a website. Nobody likes advertisements and other sponsored content.

Your Safari 11 allows you to get rid of these annoying elements manually in a couple of simple steps. With this mode, you will be able to look through most websites without any distractions (but not all of them).

Use the following instructions to open webpages in the Reader mode.

Enabling Reader mode in a couple of steps

First, open a site you would like to view without advertisements. Then, right-click the URL box and choose Settings for This Website or click Safari and Settings for This Website.

Click the URL box to open settings for a website

Second, choose the header “When visiting this website” in the pop-up window that appears under the URL box. If you want this mode to be activated every time you open a particular website, choose “Use Reader when available.”

The Reader mode settings look this way

Remember that neither news portals nor homepages can be opened in this mode. However, it works perfectly for pages that contain a large amount of text for a long reading.

Next, click anywhere else on your screen to exit the Reader mode settings. Ta-dah! That’s all.

Adjust the list of websites you open in the Reader more

Also, you can check websites you’ve added to the Reader list or change some settings. See how:

  • Click Safari > Preferences
  • Click on the Websites icon in the top
  • Choose the Reader (on the left)
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You will see a list of websites that are opened in the Reader mode. See the menu of each website on the right and choose whether you want to turn on/off this mode.

Manage the settings for every particular website in your Reader list

There is another setting at the bottom of the window called “When visiting other websites.” This one allows you to find out whether a site you open works in the Reader more at the moment. You are free to turn it on/off if needed.

An additional setting to help you find out whether a website you are visiting is on the Reader list

If you are done with all settings, just close the window and all of your adjustments will be saved in Safari’s configurations automatically.

As you can see, enabling the Reader mode is a pretty simple procedure. Believe us, it won’t take you too much time, but the results are worth it. So follow these guide not to miss an opportunity to read interesting content calmly and peacefully!

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