Do not be afraid of the pop-up stating about lack of free space on your start-up disk or when you do not know what to do when Mac says startup disk is full. Fortunately, you will get rid of this problem right away after reading this article. Years of use have every chance to spoil a good disk stuffed with random bits of data. First of all, consider removing the data from your Mac.

To be sure, your valuable information was not removed and is in safety, try using MacFly Pro. It makes the process really faster and performs all boring job for you.

Have You Filled Up All Available Space on Mac?

When you see the window with the bad news coming out to tell you that harddisk is full on єMac, then your Mac has probably reached its own limit. Don’t you have enough cash for a new one? So make it new with your own hands until you get a frozen screen. Where do you start?

Step 1: Empty the Trash Bin

The news of the error that appears on your screen is a 911 call. Your computer has been supporting you, and you need to support it in return now. The fastest, most-common method is to force your drive to throw a certain amount of pounds by making a Trash Bin empty. Lazy users that don’t empty their own rubbish have their Mac drive full. They enjoy slow performances and getting the messages that Mac hard drive is full. Ideally, you have not to quit Trash bin but empty it right away.

To make it, go to the Finder, press Command-Shift-Delete and do not look back anymore. Now, arrange some time to make it periodically, maybe once a week. It will be quite easy!

Step 2: Clean Up Apps, Music, and Images

Music is still a great rival of all above-mentioned participants. So, you just have to repeat the process described above with your music folder. Go to the main/music/iTunes/iTunes Music section and see if you can find old albums that you will never listen to again. iTunes is still a great destroyer for your disk space. In any case, there is always Spotify to satisfy all your music needs.

Step 3: Check the Folder with Videos

If you need to release 10, 20 or even hundreds of GB as soon as possible, the best location for the source is the folder “Movies” or “Videos”.

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Go to the Users/YourUserName section and click the “Movies” folder. Now, press Command-I and look at the upper right corner of the window to see the space that the folder occupies (it may take some time). Video content is probably the biggest animal in this case.

As soon as I see the size it takes, I am shocked every time since it always takes up 30-40 GB of my space. After relocating the videos to the cloud or any other space, delete them right away.

Step 4: Clean Up Desktop and Downloads

Trash Bin is not a single place on your computer that contains unnecessary files/data. For some users, the Desktop and Downloads folder are considered gold mines of files that were added in and have never been organized in an appropriate way. If some files were contained there for a long time, it’s time to either delete them or solve the problem in any other way.

It is a good practice to think about all these folders as transitional and not keep the files there.

Therefore, be sure that Downloads folder has not turned into a bottomless abyss and is adjusted properly.

Step 5: Destroy the Huge Cache Files

Cache folders are probably the main ones frequently ignored by the users. Cache is the short-term files designed to speed up specific tasks in browsers. The problem is that the cache files usually take considerable amount of space. Click the Finder and then press and hold the Option button and click “Go”. It will probably open a folder with a hidden user library. Click on it and then find the folder “Caches.”

Clean with MacFly Pro

Nevertheless, MacFly Pro application can give you hours of free time making the routine job for you. It will destroy all the unnecessary files without touching your personal files. With the help of MacFly Pro, you’ll clear the browser history way faster. MacFly Pro is a comfortable app with a good design; it has many necessary functions that you will adore after several days after its application.

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