The row of users in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong had an image of devices online that showed that the screens pulled from the device’s body were damaged. With iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus sold all over the world, there were reports about the possible battery problems. It brings us to the outrageous cases with Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Samsung Inc. was under an obligation to recognize the fact of devices’ burning due to the factory imperfections.

So, will iPhone users have to worry about it, actually? Is their gleaming fresh device potentially dangerous? The issue is investigated.

You may ask, ‘Maybe it happened due to the distorted models of iPhone 8 and 8 Plus?’ The 1st case was observed in Taiwan, when the lady named Miss Wu, sent information to the news about a fact that her 64 GB iPhone 8 plus was open during the battery charging. The front panel of her screen began to take off later because a device was plugged in a few minutes, she said. So, miss Wu approved, actually she used the official cable and charger issued by Apple and taken from the same box.

The news reports from Taiwan informed that the local mobile operator returned iPhone and passed it back to Apple for additional research. However, on the whole planet, there was an increasing number of different users of iPhone 8 plus with the photos of their device showing the same effect. However, this case was not very different, because a separation of the screen also happened.

Independent has turned to Apple with a request to comment on the situation about these broken iPhones and was told actually that the company was “studying” the problem.

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How the recent problems with iPhone 8 screen look like
How the recent problems with iPhone 8 screen look like

No doubt that if things continue to rise during this time, the users may expect more formal announcements. That period, if you notice any unusual twists, bows, or heat acting on your iPhone 8 or 8 plus, we suggest returning it to the Apple shop.

Am I obliged to return iPhone 8 or 8 plus?

The answer is simple – if it is not acting unusual, no. When you start a fresh product every time, there are numbers of faulty units seen. Apple is sending millions of iPhones, and in case if the problem will be extensively huge, you are to hear a great roar in public networks.

However, this does not mean actually that the Apple users are bound to ‘enjoy’ this situation and be complacent. We will monitor the situation and announce every activity that we can.

If you haven’t bought a model in a given year, you may want to wait until the iPhone X arrives in November.

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