The revolutionary new iPhone X model has no Home button anymore. However, it was known even before its release. But what does it mean when you directly use this phone in your hands? Everybody knows that Home button has been the only button on all iPhone models. It awakened a phone, delivered you to the main screen, activated Siri, Apple Pay, any calls, prepared the screen and helped you in case things went wrong. In iPhone X, the button is replaced, and now the device tracks a user’s gestures. So, let us look at all the new features.

1st feature: switcher

In the last iPhone, you had to use 3D Touch feature to pull necessary app to the right moving it to the user’s applications. But the simplest method of switching the applications by a finger to the left or to the right like there was a specific control group. It is comfortable, and, maybe, would be accessible on other iDevices. On iPhone X, it is started with slog from the bottom of the screen; then, transferring a finger to the big arc to the right. Unlike an old gesture, it would take some practice but soon will become a substantial feature.

Multitasking view on the new iPhone
Multitasking view on the new iPhone

2nd feature: Control Center and Notifications

Where to find the Control Center in the new iPhone? It is as simple as that. One only strongly strikes down from the right side of the screen. Two little “ears” become the starting points of gestures. A slog lifts Control Center down, and the left ear provides the Notifications Center.

3rd feature: Disable Face ID for some time

If you have to turn off the Face ID in some emergencies, like on a border with the states, for example, you can turn off the feature of Face ID, so they could not unlock your iPhone X, while you look at it. To do it, just grab a telephone in a pocket and hold some of the same buttons that you apply to click the button of the screen – volume and lateral button. Elementary hold them partly longer to get a few vibrations of Taptic so that you could know the Face ID is off now, and iPhone will require your password to unlock it.

4th feature: wake up your iPhone X

There are three methods to wake up your new iPhone X. You can just swipe it up like you did it on iPhone 7. You can still push on the screen or only knock it. If you have iPhone 6 or later version, you will be acquainted with a feature. However, Face ID will also unlock iPhone X even if the previous one had to use Touch ID.

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5th feature: slider gestures

It will require some efforts to open the view of iPhone’s multitasking. This kind will include used applications built like maps.Therefore, one can strike to switch between them. In last iPhone, you had to double-click the Home button to get this kind. On iPhone X, you must strike with force upwards from the bottom of the screen until it appears. Thus, a gesture is associated with the gesture of the old Home button.

New type of iPhone X’s view
New type of iPhone X’s view

6th feature: Apple Pay

Talking about Apple Pay, now you need to push the lateral button twice, and then it will allow Face ID to identify you. It will be done because purchases made in App Store must be approved by you. Instead of Touch ID detector, you approve your acquire two times, pressing the lateral button, and after this permission iPhone will have to see you.

7th feature: return to the home screen

On every previous iPhone, pressing Home button returned you to the Home screen. However, this feature made iPhone easily accessible for everyone. In case, all new things are entirely confusing for a new client, all that they need to do is to push the large button. On the new iPhone, a user strongly swipes up from the bottom of the screen to go back to the Home screen. It is the gesture used in another iPhone in a request to find Control Center. On iPad, it is done to get to Dock and Control Center. It is not as instinctively as actual primary hardware buttons, but again, iPhones contain no “real” Home button since iPhone 7.

8th feature: turn the device off

You will think that holding down the power button will turn iPhone X off. Not this time. To do it, you have to keep the side button and button that increases volume. It is the same combinations used for disabling Face ID or making screenshots.

9th feature: Siri

Since the Home button disappeared, now Siri is called with the method of the long-pressing of the side button. It is easy to do in case iPhone is in your hands. Therefore, Hey Siri still works as usual.

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