In October 2010, Apple Inc. started to offer the Mac App Store. It took place on the event “Back to Mac”. Right on the event, a demonstration of the new store was provided, and all the features of the newly created online-shop were discussed. On the 3rd of November, Apple was preparing to launch the Mac App Store taking orders from the public: app creators and developers. The new Store was opened for business in January 2011. It was done after a couple of months later as creators started to promote their products and move Apple forward.

All the developers got an opportunity to try beta testing of the new modification of software Snow Leopard 10.6.6 for OS X that had only entered the App Store. One of the earliest contentions with developers evolved the rejection of Apple to provide their demonstration versions of application within the store. In fact, the demo mode is still not tested within the Store by its users; however, they were an obligatory part of modern software for PC.

Particularly, developers stated that the demonstration modes were relevant as well as providing a higher price demanded by the Mac apps. Thus, Apple offered in-app purchases as promised.

Transformed Software for the New Store

For various reasons, Mac apps have never included such viral hits like Pokemon Go. In the end, almost all take the Mac App Store as something old when it comes to various streams of Apple’s revenues.

Practically, the Mac App Store showed a fundamental configuration in the history of software provided. When the Mac App Store was launched, it has transformed life for the number of creators.

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The Mac App Store of the New Generation
The Mac App Store of the New Generation

For example, Pixelmator has collected $1 million in first 20 days. The other developer, who has received popularity due to cooperation with Apple went from sales of 7 copies on a day to 1500 a day.

However, not everyone was so positive about the impact of the Mac App Store on developers. At least, it has established the fact that boxed software would no longer be in demand. As a modern alternative, the digital distribution took off this role.

Eventually, Apple has already accelerated the process with its hardware. Starting with the 2008 model of MacBook Air, Apple began to remove the disc drives from its computers.

So, do you remember the 1st app that you’ve downloaded from the Mac App Store?

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