The first introduction of MacBook took place in March 2015. It was all-new 12-inch MacBook (not Pro nor Air). Mainly, this model was demonstrating the innovative ports – the old-school USB-A was changed for USB-C. During the next years, Apple tried to make some new and interesting features, including an OLED-screen Touch Bar, Touch ID, and an impressive DCI-P3 display. In 2017, Apple made just one, but a major update: Intel Kaby Lake processor. Now, we all expect to see something better in 2018 model.

There were some rumors regarding the updates of MacBook for 2018. However, some experts did not qualify these updates as major. Mostly, it was a complete redesign of Intel’ processor and AMD’s graphics chips. That is why it was completely logical to ask: will Apple make updates for the MacBook or MacBook Pro?

There was a previous update schedule:

  • For example, March 2015: MacBook release, including Intel Broadwell CoreM
  • March 2016: It was a MacBook with Intel Skylake CoreM (with additional rose gold color option)
  • October 2016: Introducing Pro model with Intel Skylake Core i5/i7
  • June 2017: MacBook and MacBook Pro with the newest Intel Kaby Lake processor

It was also mentioned that Apple could release new MacBooks or MacBook Pros, in which we would see some major updates or interesting features (maybe, including the option to upgrade macOS High Sierra). That is why 2018 must be a year of new MacBook.

Touch Bar and Touch ID for the Next MacBook

This is still unclear, whether the next MacBook is going to have Touch Bar or not. Mainly, this feature separated fans into two groups: some people like it, and others don’t. It remains uncertain, and we do not know whether Apple will stick with Touch Bar in the next model or they will make some changes. We only have to wait to see what is coming.

For many users, it is also important to know about Touch ID feature. MacBook Pro with Touch ID was a progressive thing, including a secure, dedicated processing and display system, which would cost you around $200-300. Many users hope that Apple will figure something out to save a few dollars by purchasing the next model with the same features. It is also unclear if the next generation is going to have Force Touch Bar technology.

More Ports for MacBook

The idea of creating a wireless MacBook by Apple was very serious. However, to charge your future MacBook left Apple no options but to include at least one wire. That is why they created a multi-tasker wire. Meanwhile, USB-C can both charge and carry data. In this case, one wire was more than enough. Later, the whole idea of making wireless MacBook became a failure. Mainly, because MacBooks still have no LTE or Bluetooth features and they had to have supporting peripherals. It was a weak attempt to make a serious step to the future modern technologies.

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The MacBook Pro, on the other hand, has its 2-4 USB-C ports, which makes this model incredibly useful and this probably a good way to follow this technology for the next models. The rumors tend to become more real when Apple decided to get LTE in a MacBook. Moreover, some experts state that Apple started to work in this direction. Many users expect to see LTE-equipped MacBooks, at least this year.

Intel Coffee Lake Processors and Some Additional Features

There are some advantages regarding the idea of getting Coffee Lake chipsets for MacBooks.

  1. These next-generation Intel processors will allow a higher number of cores per processor. That means Intel had to push desktop chips and increase the number of cores to 6 and 12 threads.
  2. It also will increase the memory speed (something that many fans of Apple products can await).
  3. The updated technology of Thunderbolt and USB support. Since Thunderbolt 3 does not support even older DisplayPort standards, Coffee Lake must remove this issue (at some point it also must decrease an endless issue for users regarding the problem how to clean a MacBook Pro).

There are also rumors regarding many useful features, like ARM, multitouch display, and Apple Pencil to be included in the next MacBooks. Apple can consider this as a strategic decision. Now, MacBook and iPad Pro have problems with computing ultra-light computing from different directions. Touch-first interface is not available for MacOS, and probably we will see some changes in this direction as well.

New Colors for MacBooks

MacBook has a little advantage in comparison with MacBook Pro since it comes in more colors. We expect to see some new colors: Jet Black and (Product) Red. The additional choice of colors would be a good decision, and we only can wait to see what is going to happen.

Every user wants to see some new and progressive features in the next MacBook, but many of us would be disappointed (and it is ok).

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