The Best iOS Apps You Don’t Use But Should Give a Try To

It’s easy to find an actual list of the best apps to download to your iPhone and iPad in case you want to install your favorites like Facebook, Instagram, or Spotify. But the App Store hides a large number of applications, which do not have widely popular awards. We have found some good samples to deliver for your iPhone or iPad.

Deliveries ($4.99)

Deliveries are considered to be one of the best applications for tracking all-in-one packages with the help of various offers covering UPS, USPS, FedEx, and DHL. A system allows you to include information about a package through tracking numbers or through iCloud synchronization, which displays delivery information from your messages in order to fill the list of incoming deliveries automatically. Then you can view a short summary about incoming and installed packages; you can also find the location of your own package on the map or through the portal of an online tracking provider or where it is at the moment. The Today widget informs you about incoming packets and notifies you when the delivery arrives.

Clarity (For Free)

Clarity is a free application for your finances, which can help you manage it and save with the help of various ways. Link your own bank and card accounts to the application, and then Clarity will study your spending behavior determining the ability to save funds such as bonuses and coupons for your accounts. The application still shows a subscription that you probably do not use and can help you build a framed budget to track your costs. You can still enter the task of saving with this Clarity Money. From time to time, it specifies a specific amount from your bank account in order to bring the deposit to the saving account.

1Blocker (for free)

1Blocker uses the iOS content lock feature to provide strong and customizable advertising and content blocking. The application comes with a pre-installed array of presets and still gives users the freedom of making their own personal criteria for blocking content. Users can simply cut off unsightly ads and public widgets by clicking the switch; they still have an opportunity to testify to the snow-white lists of specific pages in case they want to allow content. As a free version of 1Blocker, it is able to overlap once the picture of content (ads, public widgets, etc.) appears. Premium upgrade guarantees unlimited blocking.

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Lake (Free of Charge)

Lake is an application for painting on the freemium scale, which is very suitable for relaxing and strolling down after a hard day. It comes for children as well as for adults. The application contains a set of gift pictures, and users can unlock and paint one fresh picture using tools for colorings such as an acrylic or watercolor brush, spray color or a filling tool, with a color gradient wheel, and simple palettes. Purchases in the application will disclose fresh coloring and the subscription reveals all the content.

Bear (Free of Charge)

Bear is a flexible application for writing, which is very suitable for creating fast articles, drawing, writing poetry or prose, or even collecting code snippets. You will not want to quit an app because it has various types of interesting features. Focus mode allows you to go to business, and the markup editor supports 20 different programming languages. Integrated help for images and photos in combination with Apple Pencil and a hand-drawn sketch prepares the addition of scribbles and pictures simple task. Bear still connects links for cross-references and supports tags for a comfortable search. The subscription for the Pro version integrates synchronization of articles, export characteristics for several types of files, and auxiliary editing tools.

Flowstate ($4.99)

Mobile devices are increasingly being used as valuable tools to increase productivity for both businesslike purposes as well as creative work. Flowstate is a ruthlessly directed recording application that uses a simple trick to keep you up to date and work: it automatically erases all your work, if you exit before or stop typing for more than 5 seconds. Users put the timer on 5, 10, 15, or 30 minutes, and after that, there comes a jet session, when you try to skip the whole thing, quickly dial the word to make sure that the work itself is not allocated by the application. Flowstate is an effective, but also an expensive tool for the writer’s purposes.

VPN Cloak (For Free)

Everyone uses the opportunity to surf the Internet with the use of public Wi-Fi, but you might have heard about how dangerous it is. That’s why the Cloak VPN service for iOS is so important. In fact, it defends your work when being defenseless on the Internet. The application is considered free download, but the service intentions start from $2.99 per month.

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