Apple’s Latest Update Gears Up Mediator-Free Support for Windows 10 Creators

MacOS Sierra 10.12.5 allows users to set up Microsoft Windows 10 Creators in Boot Camp without a hitch.

With the fresh Sierra 10.12.5 roll-out, Apple has changed the game by providing users with an easy option to switch to the current Windows version. On top of that, the new operating system guarantees more secure, compatible, and bug-free performance.

Boot Camp comes along with the new macOS update, it assists users with installation, making it semi-automated. It eliminates the manual “download” step and operates as some of the familiar applications like Parallels International’s Parallels Desktop and VMware’s Fusion, without being a virtualization software. However, you will be required an official Windows license to launch your operating system successfully.

Earlier, Mac users had to take a devious path to settle Windows 10 Creators Update into the Boot Camp. According to the support documents released by Microsoft, Mac users used to install an iso file of 2016’s Windows 10 Anniversary Update (1607) before they could harbor the 1703 version in the Boot Camp.

With the new release on board, Mac users can avoid this tedious course and switch directly to Microsoft’s operating system by installing a disk image of Windows into Boot Camp Assistant.

Apple also fixed multiple security holes in macOS by enrolling Sierra 10.12.5, and in terms of safety, they released updates for Sierra’s two forerunners.

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