How to Move Data to Your New iPhone Quickly and Easily

If you buy an iPhone, it is quite natural that in a year or even earlier you would like to upgrade it to another model with more new features and design. When you buy a new device, usually you face the problem of moving the data from your old iPhone or iPad as you have lots of pictures, documents, and other stuff you want to bring with you and it can be tricky to move everything quickly and smoothly. Now it is not a problem – choose the most convenient way for you below and enjoy your new experience!

Important note: if you are an owner of the Apple Watch before you start moving all the info from your old iPhone, do not forget to unpair it with your old device – it will back up automatically and you can quickly restore the data with your new iPhone.

Method #1: Move Data with iTunes

First, make sure you have full access to a PC that runs iTunes and has enough disk space to do the backup (it should be space equal to the size of info you need to be moved). All you need is two iPhones (old and new ones) and a syncing cable. If you got the new iPhone from another person, you should also check if the previous owner logged out of iCloud because you could not do anything until it is done.

After you are done with that, you can backup your data. Open iTunes and plug the old device in using a syncing cable. If you see a warning message, do not panic: go ahead and click Create a new profile in iTunes for this phone. When the device icon appears, click on it and find the backup section, then press Encrypt iPhone Backup > Back Up Now.

Why is encryption needed? You should encrypt it in order to backup all your data properly and make a password. After this process is completed, unplug your old iPhone and plug in the new one. Register it as a new device in iTunes and there will also appear the same warning message – still no panic! Choose the option Restore from this backup and confirm the required backup, then press continue. Relax until the process is completed and all data copied: restart the device and iTunes will have a few checks of password protect folders. Done!

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Method #2: Move Data with iCloud

If you prefer to move all the data wirelessly, then use iCloud. Take your old device and open the settings. Then press Apple ID > iCloud > iCloud backup > Back up now. After the backup is created, turn the device off, remove the SIM card and insert it into your new iPhone (make sure it is turned off). Turn it on and press Home and then follow the instructions to set up the language and Wi-Fi network. After that, choose option Restore from iCloud backup.

Wi-Fi connection will speed up the process and your device may feel warm during that. But do not worry: the processors are working hard to get everything back in place. And here you are, enjoying your new iPhone!