How to Clean Cookies on Mac: Cookies Will No Longer Be a Problem

Everyone has thought of “how do I clean up cookies on my mac?” at least once in their lives. However, the majority of people don’t even know what cookies mean. Cookies are tiny parts of data, which are sent from some of the websites you enter. They save such kinds of information like your login (and sometimes password) and your purchases in the shopping cart. Cookies can be divided into different types and they can be both: safe (that bring no harm) and dangerous. An example of dangerous cookies may be the tracking one. It stores all your browsing history and can later send it to different companies. Because of that, sometimes you have to clear cookies.

How to remove cookies from Mac Safari Browser

If you are using Safari as your main browser and don’t know how to cookies off mac, the procedure of deleting is extremely easy. All you have to do is follow these instructions, go to Safari – Preferences – Privacy – Manage Website Data – (choose the website) – click on the Remove Button or Preferences – Privacy – Manage Website Data – click on the Remove All Button (in order to clean all the cookies from all of the websites).

After this procedure, though, you may have to log in to sites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google and etc. Despite this disadvantage, cleaning cookies enable you to enjoy full privacy.

How to clean cookies on Mac Chrome web browser

Clearing cookies through Chrome is as easy as through Safari. Go to:

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Three dots on a toolbar – More Tools  – Clear Browsing History – Cookies – select the amount of data or choose a certain period of time during which you want to delete cookies – (click on) Clear Browsing Data Button.

The main advantage here is the ability to delete cookies from a certain period of time. It means that you don’t have to log in to your accounts again and will just erase cookies from possibly dangerous websites you have visited during this period of time.

How to Disable Cookies on Mac Chrome Web Browser

If you don’t want to delete those annoying cookies constantly, Chrome Browser gives you an exceptional opportunity to switch them off forever. To do so, follow

Settings – Show advanced settings – Privacy section – Content Settings – Cookies section – uncheck the Allow local data.

How to Enable Cookies on Mac Chrome Web Browser

To re-enable cookies, simply check the Allow local data and restart your web browser.

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