The Best 10 Horror Games for Mac

So, you are fond of scary games and get pre-upset because you think that the best of them are not supported by Mac. Well, good news for you! We have gathered amazing games in most styles and genres for your Mac. Read on and choose the scariest one.

BioShock Remastered

Recently, BioShock Remastered took the top position previously owned by BioShock Infinite.

The previous part of this game is amazing in many ways, however, if you want to play something really bloodcurdling, then BioShock Remastered is your choice. The events of the game take place in the city of desperate psychos who act like desperate psychos. And these guys are ready to do horrible things to you.

You will be amazed by the game mechanics that bring you real experience and makes the game even more interesting (and scary). With a Remastered version on your Mac, you will be able to enjoy the great quality of graphics and textures. By the way, despite the better quality of an image, this version runs better than the previous simpler one.

Alien: Isolation

A classic horror story about the Alien still enjoys popularity. This time, a game will take you to an isolated space station (hence the name). You might think that you have already seen this scenario a thousand times in the previous games about Alien, but this time you are wrong. Isolation is a pretty original story you’ve never seen before.

This game is the first Alien game that reflects the main idea of the film directed by Ridley Scott 15 years ago. You cannot kill the monster. You must fear it and try to survive when it is about to attack. Run and hide while you can.

You are lucky that the station has a lot of places for you to hide, so be cunning and inventive.

However, there are some details to mention before you rush to download it. First Mac App Store reports that it is one of the most rated games ever. Second, it is a bit demanding so you need a relatively new Mac with a powerful video card to make it run smoothly.

Layers of Fear

We believe that the scariest horrors are the psychological ones. Layers of Fear is an excellent representative of the genre: despite the fact that there are no screamers and monsters here, it still might turn your hair gray.

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This is a story about a painter who has lost his mind trying to finish his best work. From the first glance, you might think that the events take place in an ordinary house. But it’s not. Once you enter a room and look back, you find out that the door you went through a second ago disappeared. Paintings are watching you. In a word, Layers of Fear is a great trip to madness.

The game changes while you play and becomes scarier. You will find hints about your horrible past and see frightening forms of things you used to love.


As a horror-lover, you must be familiar with amazing game series called Amnesia. Now, we are glad to present you SOMA, a new game created by the same team of crazy people.

You find yourself in a research facility at a depth of hundreds of meters under the water. The danger lurks in the environment, not monsters.

This is a survival story in which you cannot fight back. You have to hide from the danger and wander through the empty corridors, trying to find out what’s happening and where are all the other employees.

This game will surely bring you an immersive experience due to the possibility to touch every item around you.


In most genres, indie games go to the top and it is especially true for horrors. STASIS is not a classical first-person but a point-and-click game.

The story unfolds aboard a spaceship. You wake up in the middle of a terrible bloody mess and realize that something is really-really wrong there. It turns out that you are a victim of secret human experiments and the spaceship is full of monsters. However, you need to find your wife and daughter somewhere on the board.

The best thing about this game is the atmosphere that does all work. It is not made as a scary game with cheap tricks. Instead, STASIS offers a range of interesting puzzles, a great plot, and an unforgettable atmosphere.

The games on our list are different, so we are assured that readers with different preferences will find something that is really good for them. We believe that each of these games will make you really excited and scared.

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