Apple TV 4K: Enjoy the World in 4K Quality

For those, who are interested in getting Apple TV 4K, it is available now from Apple’s online store, including its retail locations around the world. There are two sizes of Apple TV editions, 32GB, and 64GB, and you can get them for $179 and $199 respectively. The current 32GB Apple TV will cost you $149.

Some new changes were applied to Apple TV 4K. However, USB-C ports are not available, meaning you have to use Apple’s new Wi-Fi connections for recording video and screenshots. It also has a new gigabit Ethernet port. What about remote? For example, the Siri remote has a small redesign with new additional features around the menu button.

Let us dive into some detailed specifics. Apple TV 4K can support new 4K HDR content. This technology uses the same chip as iPad Pro – A10X. It will increase the overall power of the current Apple TV. HD technology is very important nowadays that is why Apple 4K is working on the HDR technology – High Dynamic Range. This means that you will get the best high-resolution and high-detail image. Regarding the operating system, Apple also made some important changes. The redesigned tvOS 11 has a new user interface and its popular aerial screensavers.

Why I Have to Buy Apple 4K TV?

There are many reasons behind the purchase of the Apple 4K TV. For example, for those people who like playing horror games, it is a good chance to feel the full atmosphere on the high-resolution with all necessary details. Moreover, Apple has contracts with major famous studios, such as Universal and Lionsgate. You can enjoy the 4K content on your personal Apple TV. There is also an interesting detail for those, who often use iTunes. All your HD content in your iTunes library can automatically be upgraded to 4K. If you have a subscription to Netflix, do not worry the main content will be available soon in 4K as well. Also, the last important detail to mention: Since Apple announced to release its HomePod speaker, you can use it to send audio from your Apple TV to the speaker over AirPlay.

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The purchase of the Apple 4K TV leaves no doubt: the newest technology and many additional features will show you that it is worth your money.

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