The Best Wireless Earbuds for iPad and iPhone

Wired headphones do still sound better than any other similar wireless headphones, which usually do not really ask for charging. But the wires can be a huge pain, while wireless work is an enjoyable journey. Never again will it be needed for you to untangle headphones in order to listen to a podcast in bed. It will not be necessary for you to reconcile with the rustling of the cables when you go or to suffer from headphone ruptures when the wire catches your hand.

But not all wireless headphones indeed cost this switch. And there is still a number of tremendous differences in the manner and functions that you have to take into account. Finally, here is your guide of the best wireless headphones.

Wireless or Entirely Wireless?

In case you choose wireless headphones, you are probably tired of the cables. But not all wireless headphones are really considered wireless. Almost everyone does not want a wired connection to their telephone set, but earbuds themselves include wires. This transfers the audio signals between the two headphones and also guarantees space for the built-in console or a huge battery.

The new category is called “true wireless communication” and includes own Apple headphones. These can lead to a reduction in the battery life (although not necessarily), and they are often the least effective when it comes to remote functions. However, they still remain favorable. As soon as you get addicted to life without tangled cords for headphones, it is not easy to go back.


Thus, you already know there are two types of headphones. Connected headphones allow you to listen to the quality sound, which is actually great for your ears. In comparison to the truly wireless earbuds, these ones minimize the background rumble. But this kind of headphones is not quite good for sports or for riding a bike due to the fact that they shorten your situational understanding.

It is another situation with Apple’s AirPods. They hang there wirelessly, and sometimes I feel that they have all the chances to fall out. This sensation can be worse with wireless headphones due to the fact that they seem the least harmless thanks to the lack of binding. These are more open headphones than any others are, in case you need an understanding of your own surroundings.


Charging is performed either by the method of turning on (the Beats X has an instant port on the side) or with the support of a charger for such models as AirPods or Erato Apollo 7. The case inductively charges the “buds” when they are parked from the inside, so they are always ready to go. This is a great feature and solves not only the battery problem but also justifies the cost of the headphones.


Any defect in AirPods is replaceable with its great design. Ordinary EarPods cannot fit your ears, these ones fit different forms. However, because there is no cable pulling them out of your ears, you can turn the AirPods over, or even flip them up and down, and they have all chances to stay in space. It’s working for me since they remain pretty densely closed to not fully cut out the road noise and not swinging.

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The Best Option – Apple AirPods

If you intend to use your own fresh headphones from iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch, you are required to get Apple AirPods. They are not cheap, but they are considered as one of the best fresh Apple products in almost all years. Soon, the wired headphones will be the history of Apple. You will also be able to recognize that they are replacing the way you listen to music in the most intense way like an iPod.

From the moment of installation to daily use, AirPods illustrate the tag “quality work.” To test them, you open plastic baggage. In order to apply them, you do the same, and whatever device that you are currently using will begin to turn on. Thanks to the Apple W1 chip from Apple Inc, AirPods have a connection with your devices. In case of unavailability of your main device, they are integrated with any of the devices attached to your Apple ID. This means that you can simply switch between the connected devices.

Apparently, the AirPods are at least as good as the wired headphones, especially if you value quality sound and convenient use. In addition, they are easy to control. You can double-click the left or right Pod to access the customizable tab (skip forward/backward, play/hold, Siri), but you can still pull out the AirPods once to pause the music. In case you do it, the sound will be turned off and redirected back to the speaker of your iPhone.

Another Alternative of Cool Wireless Headphones

The Beats are the only brands, not counting Apple, which have all the chances to use a wireless W1 chip, which means that if you use them with the iPhone, you will get a super-easy pairing, a wonderful long-distance wireless merge and the chance to charge your instant cable iPhone. The remote control is a well-known functional line view that can be found on most wired headphones, and the battery life lasts 8 hours.

The Beats X sound like other headphones with a bit, with reinforced bass and high frequencies. They are well-suited for hip-hop, due to the fact that here all the music is – the high and low, with a huge gap in the middle for the vocals. The lack of balance does not work with all forms of music. The Beats X yet – like all other Beats cans – are quite expensive to get.

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