6 Best Presentation Remotes For Mac In 2022

Are you’re looking for a best presentation remote for Mac, there are many choices on the market, but not all of them will fit your needs.

A good one should be comfortable, lightweight, and easy to use. That’s why we researched and found the top 6 best presentation remotes for mac, as recommended by professional users. The only thing left for you is to decide which one suits your budget and preferences best!

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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6 Best presentation remotes for Mac in 2022

Here we will discuss 6 Best Presentation Remotes for Mac in 2022:

1. Logitech Professional Presenter R800

In terms of laser pointers, there’s really only one option that is worth your money, and that’s Logitech’s laser pointer.

It’s has an amazing battery life, it’s incredibly easy to set up, and it’s compatible with almost any computer. It can be used with virtually any software, and it’s even compatible with Mac OS X. If you want a high-performance laser pointer, then you need to get this one.

The R800 is a very versatile pointer that can be used for presentations, demos, and more. It comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts for a long time, and the USB receiver stores inside the presenter so it doesn’t take up much space. There’s also a built-in speaker that allows you to play audio files and music while you’re working. This makes it easy to keep your audience engaged.

The R800 has four control modes: auto, timer, slideshow, and manual. The auto mode lets you preset your start time and duration, while the timer lets you set a time interval. If you want to show a specific slide at a certain time, then the slideshow mode is perfect for you. And if you need to pause your presentation to answer questions, then you can use the manual mode.

This laser pointer is a great investment because it will last for years to come. You can even get extra batteries if you need them.


Connectivity TechnologyWireless
Battery DescriptionAlkaline
Maximum Range100 Feet
Number of Batteries2 AAA batteries are required. (included)


  • Up to 100 ft. wireless range.
  • Powerful green laser pointer
  • easy to see in bright rooms and on Plasma/LCD screens
  • One-touch slideshow controls.


  • Remote programming is hard to understand.

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2. Logitech Wireless Presenter R400

The Logitech Wireless Presenter R400 is a powerful tool for any presenter. It features a built-in projector that lets you present from a laptop, and it has a wireless transmitter that allows you to connect it to a second projector if you want to use two screens. The presenter is also equipped with a laser pointer and a rechargeable battery, so you can keep it powered up for hours of use.

The presenter comes with an easy-to-use remote control that lets you control the presentation on both the Macbook and the projector. When you’re ready to move on to the next slide, you can advance or go back through your slides with the touch of a button. The presenter also has a built-in microphone and speakers, so you can answer questions while your audience hears your voice and sees your slides.

The projector can connect to any standard VGA video monitor, and the presenter has a wireless range of up to 50 feet. It’s easy to set up and connect, and it’s simple to find the right connection port in most office environments. You can also recharge the presenter’s battery without disconnecting it from the computer. The Logitech Wireless Presenter R400 is a powerful tool for any presenter.


Battery DescriptionAAA
Maximum Range50 Feet
Number of Batteries2 Lithium Metal batteries are required. (included)


  • The R400 is lightweight and portable.
  • It has an indicator that shows how long your battery can stay charged.
  • You can easily navigate slideshows with a click.
  • With responsive controls, you can resize and move slideshows up and down or go to the next or previous slide.


  • There are no bad things to say about this product.

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3. DinoFire Wireless Presenter For Macbook

When you’re at a presentation, you always need to be ready to quickly present new information or quickly respond to questions.

But this is not an easy task, as most of us have a lot of things on our mind and we don’t have time to pull out our laptop and find the slide that we want to show.

With the DinoFire Wireless Presentation Clicker, you can quickly point to the spot you want to show and click it, while the presenter can see the exact location of the pointer, and you can control it via your computer.

The presenter can also use it to control your computer, so they can run other applications, open websites, change music, and more. It’s a great way to control your presentations, and it’s super easy to set up and use.

The presenter is powered by AAA batteries (Not included), so you can use it anywhere there’s electricity. The red light is bright enough that it’ll be visible even when it’s dark out.

The presenter also supports Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OS (For MacBook on OS X, plug the USB receiver into laptop, it will come out a box, and then you can select 101or104 option), Linux, Android

You can use the USB receiver to quickly connect to your computer, so you can control it with your mouse, keyboard, or other devices that support USB

It comes with a clip that allows you to slide it in your pocket securely.


Connectivity TechnologyRadio Frequency
Battery DescriptionAAA
Maximum Range30 Meters
Number of Batteries1 AAA battery required.


  • You can operate it with a single Touch.
  • There is a low power reminder installed in it.
  • There is an Inbuilt Volume Control Function.


  • Its Bluetooth connectivity option doesn’t work for iPhones.

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4. Presentation Clicker Remote Laser Pointer

The Presentation Clicker is a great presenter pointer that’s ideal for use at your next presentation, lecture, or event. It’s a versatile tool that allows you to control the presentation from anywhere.

The Presentation Clicker is a Bluetooth-enabled presenter pointer that’s ideal for use at your next presentation, lecture, or event. It’s a versatile tool that allows you to control the presentation from anywhere, and it’s also compatible with most wireless keyboards and other devices.

The Presentation Clicker is compatible with most wireless keyboards and other devices, and it’s backed by a one-year warranty.

The best part is that it works with PowerPoint, Keynote, Acrobat, MS Word, Excel, and other applications, which means you can use it to control your presentations and lectures without having to install any software. And because it’s Bluetooth enabled, you can easily pair the presenter pointer with any Bluetooth-enabled device, including smartphones and tablets.

You can use the presenter clicker to move through slides, navigate to different pages, and even take notes. And since the presenter clicker is Bluetooth-enabled, it’s compatible with most wireless keyboards and other devices, so you can control your presentation from anywhere.

The best part is that the presenter clicker is compact and lightweight, which means it’s easy to transport and store. It has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lets you work for up to seven days on a single charge, and it’s also backed by a one-year warranty. 

So if you’re looking for a versatile and compact presenter pointer, then buy the Presentation Clicker. It’ll definitely make you feel satisfied, relaxed, and confident in your investment, and reduce your energy costs too.


Connectivity TechnologyRadio Frequency
Battery DescriptionLithium
Maximum Range15 Meters


  • There is a built-in 80mAh battery in it.
  • It has a laser that can cover a distance of more than 300 feet.
  • It has a finger ring design.
  • Saving power is one of the reasons the presenters have an auto-sleep function. 


  • The presentation only supports page up/ down on keynote for mac users.

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5. DinoFire USB Rechargeable RF 2.4 GHz Green Light Presentation Remote For Mac

This is a nice presentation remote that will make your presentations look professional and polished, with a long-range of up to 100 feet.

It’s perfect for people who like to be able to walk around while presenting, or who want to have a clear presentation that’s easier to see from a distance.

The green laser pointer makes it easy for people to see things on the screen, and the internal battery lasts a lot longer than most rechargeable ones. It’s also easy to recharge and can charge for about an hour to give you weeks of use.

You can also use it to click on links in your PowerPoint presentations. This means that you can show images and videos without having to worry about them taking up too much time on your computer. You don’t even need to use your mouse to click on the links, just point at them and click the mouse button to open them.

This is a nice addition to your presentations, especially if you have a lot of long slides and you want to be able to walk around and present to more people without having to spend a lot of time sitting by your computer.


Connectivity TechnologyRadio Frequency
Battery DescriptionLithium
Maximum Range100 Feet


  • It has 100 feet of range.
  • It s laser has 300 feet range.
  • It is compatible with Mac.


  • It only supports page up/ down for mac.

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6. Clicker for Powerpoint Presentations

A great little presentation remote with plenty of features, especially if you’re looking for something to replace that bulky mouse that always gets lost. It’s the perfect replacement for a traditional mouse, and it’s compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux computers, as well as Android and iOS devices. It has a wireless range of up to 100 feet and comes with a rechargeable battery that provides up to 8 hours of continuous use.

This presenter is designed for PowerPoint presentations and includes a laser pointer, volume control, black screen/full screen, page forward/backward, intuitive touch keys, and easy sliding control. It can be charged via USB-C and comes with AAA batteries. The rubber buttons are soft, and the whole thing feels like it was built with your hands in mind. A laser pointer is an ideal tool for presentations, and it can help you get a professional appearance.

There are plenty of features, but we’re not going to list them all here. They’re all explained in the product description, and you can check out the video demo above if you want to see what it’s like in action. If you have any questions about this presenter, please feel free to get in touch with us!


Compatible DevicesPc, Laptop, Macbook All devices
Connectivity TechnologyRadio Frequency
Battery DescriptionAAA
Maximum Range100 Feet


  • It has 656 feet laser range.
  • More than 100 feet wireless range.


  • The item advertised a distance of 100ft, but it didn’t work after 30ft.

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Lets Discuss Points to Consider Before Buying Presentation Remote For Mac

We all want to present things as well as possible, whether it’s in a business meeting or at a family gathering.

Presenting things effectively is often something that takes practice and skill, so if you’re not sure what you need, the following buying guide will help you find the best presentation remotes for Mac.


In general, remotes are great for connecting your computer or smartphone to a television or projector screen, but they can also be used to connect other devices, such as a speaker or webcam. For this reason, it’s important to consider how you plan to use the remotes in your home because you don’t want to buy something too bulky or inconvenient.

Wireless Technology

If you’re looking for a presentation remote that connects wirelessly, then you’ll want to consider how often you’re going to use it.

If you’re not sure whether or not you’ll need to use your remote frequently, then you may want to invest in a wired model.


When it comes to choosing the best presentation remotes for Mac, size is definitely an important consideration. You don’t want one that’s too big or bulky to use.

Battery timing

Another important factor to consider is the battery timing, or how long your remotes will last. A good rule of thumb is that if you’re going to use it frequently, then get one with a rechargeable battery. On the other hand, if you’re planning on using it occasionally, then look for a model that uses AA batteries.


Finally, it’s also important to think about the range or how far your remotes can reach. If you’re going to be using your remote frequently, then it’s usually better to get a model that has a long-range.


Is the R400 compatible with a Mac?

Yes, it is compatible with Mac.

Is it safe to assume that you can also use it as a mouse?

It can advance slides and has a laser pointer. Haven’t tried using it as a mouse, but I wouldn’t count on it.

Can the r400, 910-001356 be used on my iPad? and if yes how?

No, you need a USB port.

Does it come with a case?

Yes, a soft cloth case with drawstring closure. Very nice! Overall, it has worked very well for me. The red laser pointer is also good.

Can this presentation clicker be used in Keynote?

Yes, this clicker can be used on Keynote, but the latest version of Mac Keynote only supports page-turning. I use PowerPoint in most situations. This presentation clicker works perfectly with PowerPoint.


The best presentation remotes for Mac can provide a more engaging and interactive experience for your audience than your traditional keyboard and mouse. These remotes will also help you present in a more natural way.

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