My Mac is Running Slow. How Can I Fix It?

Mac operating system is famous for its stability and responsiveness. However, a lot of users can complain about the slow Macs. There are many reasons which explain why it happens. In any case, you should learn how to fix a slow-running Mac and improve its performance.

It`s high time to clean up your desktop

Too much stuff on your desktop can definitely affect your Mac computer`s speed. A lot of icons could mean that you have a lot of software on your machine that can slow it down. That`s why it is better to move all unnecessary items to another folder, or just delete them.

Install all required updates in a timely manner

Use the App Store to download and install all necessary updates on your Mac computer. The timely update of the Mac operating system and apps will guarantee some performance improvements.

Go to the App Store, switch to the Updates tab, and click the Update.

Check the status of RAM memory

Not enough RAM is the answer to the question “Why is mac slow?”. The high random access memory is not a good thing when your mac book seems very slow and its hard drive is blinking all the time. Just close all running applications or use less memory-hungry programs. Open the Activity Monitor app and select the “Memory” tab to find out everything about the RAM status.

You can also take advantage of the effective utility MacFly Pro to get enough free memory and make your machine much faster.

MacFly Pro is a high-quality cleaning software that is aimed at deleting junk files and uninstalling apps and programs that reduce the performance of your Mac. With its use, you will be able to easily clean your Mac Cookies. This program is quite easy and convenient to use – just select what you want to be deleted after the scanning process is finished. One of the most useful things about this tool is that it will always notify you about all possible solutions for making the performance of your mac mini much better and faster.

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Disable all login items

Your MacBook works very slow because it is trying to launch a slew of programs all at the same time. Of course, it is quite convenient to make all your frequently used apps run automatically but you should understand that it can lead to a poor Mac`s performance. Just cross items off your Mac`s “Login Items” list, keep “Resume” from re-launching previously open apps, and check for program-specific “Launch at Startup” settings.

Go to System Preferences – User&Groups – Login Items.

You can also disable all login items right from the context menu in the Dock panel.

Reclaim some valuable hard drive space

One of the most common reasons of your Mac`s slow performance is a full hard drive. It is advisable to have at least 10% of free space for a stable Mac performance. What to do if you are running out of hard disk space? Clear out your Downloads folder, disable core sync mac, delete apps you don`t use or need, empty your trash, utilize iTunes in the Cloud for movies and TV, scan your photo library for duplicates, and clear out old files.

Go to the Menu – click the Apple icon – About This Mac in order to check how much free disk space you have.