How to Clean a MacBook Pro: the Endless Question

How to clean a mac book pro – that is probably one of the most popular phrases for Google search nowadays. Many users are trying to find a good solution and make their laptops work better. There are some easy ways to complete this cleaning. However, there is a good opportunity to make the cleaning process through trusted applications. One of such apps is MacFly Pro. This cleaner was created by a team of professionals and it contains three main features. At the same time, it can scan your system, find and remove junk files, increase the performance of your MacBook just in few clicks. What exactly makes your MacBook Pro perform so slowly? Let us find out.

Your hard drive may be full of junk files. How to check it? Go to Apple Menu > About this Mac > Storage. In this window, you can see what exactly a reason is. Mostly, it can be applications, photos, audio, video or other files.

Clear Cache Folders

The Cache folder is always a problem. Your Cache folder may have many large files, depending on the model of your MacBook. How to clean it:

Manual way. Go to Open Finder > Library Folder > Caches subfolder. You can see the application’s cache files and remove them.

Clean the Downloads folder

If you spend too much time online, you can notice how large your “Downloads” folder is. The size of these files may be huge and it will store up the hard drive space. For example, any user can delete Disk image files and other items. Go to Finder > Downloads > type “disk image” and delete all .iso/.dmg files that consume your disk space.

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By using MacFly Pro, it is also easy to find large unnecessary files and delete them. Just click “scan” and this app will provide you with information about all found files.

iTunes backups

Now we have reached an iTunes stage. This popular application can contain many old backups and files of devices you’ve used before. The amount of total data may be huge – from 5 to 40 gigabytes. Clean iTunes now! Go to application menu > iTunes > Preferences > Devices and remove all junk there.

The startup items

Many users do not know how many apps are running automatically when laptop boots up. All software and additional utilities can be removed from the list. That will make your MacBook Pro perform much faster. Since all apps can be integrated into the Mac OS in different ways, you can manage to remove some of them in few steps. You also can achieve it by using MacFly Pro. This app can help you to remove unnecessary processes from system’s background to make your device work faster.

There you go. Now, you are capable enough to fix the biggest issue for all Mac users.

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