Try This Useful Guide to Learn How to Clean Up Mac Space

In spite of its manufacturer, power, and working performance, every computer should be kept in good shape. We all think that buying new PCs, from Apple or any other company, and getting up-to-date OS versions will prevent slowing down or other errors. But each computer gets damaged and dirty over time, especially those latest Macs, so you need to look after its hard disk, and internal memory and frequently clean the system. Today, we’ll consider some of the ways to combat slowdowns and threats to your computer and clean your Mac space.

Don’t Miss These Methods of Proper Mac Space Cleaning

Before we begin decluttering your Mac, take a look at the new smart cleaning app designed for Mac – MacFly Pro. This useful cleaner will delete all junk from your computer and improve its working performance. The tool deals with temporary files, duplicate files, unnecessary applications, downloads, language files, etc. MacFly Pro will free up storage space, clean up the hard drive, and take care of your Mac in general.

To deliver help to your smart friend, take the following steps:

1. Empty the Trash

A pretty obvious thing, but if you’ve decided to clean space on Mac, you should first empty your Trash cans. Over time, Trash cans are filled with all sorts of rubbish and thus take up a lot of disk space. So, do not forget to clean your Trash from time to time.

Unlike Windows, Macs have several Trash Cans related to particular folders and applications. To empty the Trash, you need to press Ctrl + Click or Right-Click on Mac Trash Can icon in the lower right corner of the screen. Next, choose Empty Trash.

2. Uninstall unwanted apps

The second way of how to clear space on a Mac is to uninstall unwanted applications from your computer. These are usually old or bloatware apps, which not only take much storage space but also can be harmful to your Mac.

In order to find those unnecessary apps, you should open a Finder window and then select Applications. Next, click the “Shows items in a list” icon, then tap on the Size tab to sort all your apps by size. After you select which apps to remove from the system, go to the Finder window again, choose App in the sidebar, and drag-and-drop the App icon to the Trash. That’s it!

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3. Get rid of duplicate files

Duplicate files in pictures, audio files, videos, and other documents can occupy much system storage space. This is because those files accumulate in your Mac’s memory very often, since we all, for example, download music, movies, pictures, transfer some files, etc. Remember to clean your hard drive from duplicate files since they can slow down or even degrade your PC’s performance. You can perform it by yourself, or take advantage of some new technologies. How to make it? Just look through some brand-new cleaning tools available for Mac.

4. Delete language files

The next tip to clear hard drive space on your Mac is to remove language files. Mac has plenty of language files for every language. So, no matter whether you use only one language, or practice writing several languages, you should get rid of language files. In the end, they will occupy less hard disk space and speed up your Mac a bit.

5. Use some cleaning tools

All the steps above consider manual cleaning only, but if you want to have it done quickly and effectively, try some cleaning applications. For instance, MacFly Pro is a handy cleaning tool that monitors the overall condition of macOS, sends notifications about potential threats and issues, and speeds up the computer. Cleaning tools remove duplicate and language files, uninstall unwanted applications, and delete temporary files and cache in a quick and proper way.

In conclusion, whenever you ask yourself “How to clean my Mac space?” you already know how to deliver sufficient cleaning assistance to your Mac.