It didn’t take long for users to get adjusted to a single button on Apple’s Magic Mouse. But still, some users may require a manual to get accustomed to using the Magic Mouse well enough. Especially those, who just recently switched to using Mac from Windows. If you want to begin using your new Mac and Magic Mouse just like a proficient user, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll talk you through all the steps that a newbie should know about the right-click on the Magic Mouse and MacBook Pro trackpad.

The easiest way to right-click on Mac

As usual, right-click serves as a shortcut to extra contextual menus just like in Windows. Depending on your current actions, right click will show you additional features for a particular app, browser or file as well as simple copy & paste options.

The easiest way to right-click on Mac is to press and hold down the “Option” button on your keyboard and then use the primary mouse (left-click). That’s how you open a contextual menu.

Magic Mouse vs trackpad: how to right-click


If your trackpad is configured, then you can right-click using your two fingers, and if not, just go to System Preferences on your Mac and follow these simple steps.

1. After you open System Preferences, you’ll see the Trackpad options, click there and go to the Trackpad.

2. There, turn on the Secondary click option and choose “click or tap with two fingers.”

For those with the latest MacBook Pro on hand, it’s efficient to use “Taptic feedback” feature to right-click. This method uses pressure and intensity to detect the follow-up action you want your Mac to do.

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To right-click, tap the pad with some pressure in the middle, and there you’ll see the contextual menu appear. But mind that not all Macs have this option available. In any case, you can try this hack as well.

Magic Mouse

Some may wonder how to use the mouse if it only has a single button, well that’s actually pretty simple. You just need to press Ctrl and the right side of the mouse to get the contextual menu of the right-click open!

The trick is that Apple’s hardware is designed to respond to the input based on the left or right side of the mouse. But if you did everything right and nothing happened, then you’ll probably need to configure your Magic Mouse in the System Preferences.

So now you see that you don’t need a 10-minute YouTube tutorial or a 15-page instruction to understand how to right-click on Mac. Whether you use a Magic Mouse or a trackpad on MacBook Pro, or even both, it takes only a quick skim through this article to know the basics.

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