Improving Your iPhone’s Battery: The Best Wireless Chargers for iPhone X/8

The latest revolutionary iPhone models – X and 8 – have brought something interesting and progressive into the world of modern technology. Moreover, Apple also presented wireless chargers. We give you a good opportunity to learn more about wireless chargers, as a good way to improve your iPhone’s battery life. Let us describe to you the best options.

RAVPower Fast Wireless Charger + QC3 3.0 Adapter

RAVPower has already designed some wireless chargers, but we will hold our attention on this one. Its design is plain but has high functionality. You can charge your iPhone at the 7.5W charging speed. The price may look too high, but for this money, you also get a high-quality USB power adapter, which is very important. Keeping your battery charged with this model is a good way to continue your iPhone’s multitasking routine.

Anker PowerPort Wireless 10

Price $16.99

The next wireless charger has a pretty slick design. It can be one of the thinnest charging pads on the market, and you can carry it in your bag anytime. Charging speeds are 10 watts on compatible phones. However, to reach this performance you have to get a Quick Charge USB adapter. Sadly, there is no USB adapter available for this model. The size and its quality of charging can be a good tool for any user, especially if you are looking for a good wireless charger. It is also a good purchase for those, who have to charge problems with iPhone 8.

Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Stand

Price $40.99

Samsung is trying to make an impact on every type of product nowadays. The wireless chargers are not an exception. This model has no special design, but it is a good buy considering the initial price. The charging speed is very fast for both iPhone models (7.5-watt).

Other Wireless Chargers that You May Find Interesting

We made a list of top wireless chargers above, but we would like to mention some models that are worth your attention as well.

Samsung Wireless Charging Pad

Price $34.10

If you prefer to use products made by Samsung, here is something for you. You can get this solid, no-slip pad model for its low price. Here, Samsung offers a 2A micro USB power adapter. In some way, in comparison with the previous wireless charger, this one cannot be considered as “fast charging,” but it is a good option for your iPhone.

Spigen Essential F301W

Price $19.99

The F301W is the charging pad that can become a good purchase for many users. At least, you do not need to pay much. It can work with almost any USB power adapter, supporting fast charging speeds. Its design is very simple and neat. The overall rating of this product is high as it has an affordable price and fine performance.

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