How to Choose the Best Car Accessories for Your iPad

Nowadays, it is not a problem to use your iPad during the ride, and you may wonder which accessories you need. In some way, there is a difference in using your iPad in the car in comparison with iPhone. Mainly, you use a bigger screen, which can be more dangerous and useful at the same time. You can transform your iPad into a helpful tool and continue your daily activity. Here are some best car accessories for you.

Arkon Center Extension Car Headrest Tablet Mount

Price $31.00

You can attach this tool to the posts of your headrest, and it allows you to see what is happening on the screen. The tablet is easy to mount in the space between the driver and passenger seats.

By using this mount you can hold any 9.7-inch model of iPad, as well as the latest models – 10.5 and 12.9-inch iPad Pros. You can also rotate your tablet, using 360 degrees, making a comfortable view for all passengers in the car.

Arkon Truck or Car Tablet Mount

Price $32

The next tool is mainly used for attaching your tablet while you drive. This one mount is better to attach to the front seat of your car. Likewise the previous model, all iPad Pros are available to mount. It has good flexibility, which allows you to use different angles.

Anker PowerDrive 2

Price $16

If you recently planned to make a long trip, then you definitely need to purchase this charger. Anker PowerDrive 2 has a small size, and you can charge all your devices while you drive. It also has many additional features, like surge protection, temperature control, and more. It is not hard to attach this tool to your car, and you will enjoy the ride together with your passengers. You may create a boot camp by using these simple devices.

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AUKEY Nylon Braided Lightning cable

Price $6

You can use your favorite iPad in different ways, and the famous one is an entertainment-focused screen. That is why this device will be a helpful tool for your car, and you can keep its battery for a very long time. Lightning cable, measuring 6.6 feet in length is a perfect choice for your ride. The price is a perfect indicator of what you get.

iXCC 3.5mm Universal Aux Audio Stereo Cable

Price $6

If you want to make a surrounding audio atmosphere perfect, this cable is what you need. Its length is more than enough for the iPad, and it was designed to avoid tangling, making it simpler to retrieve from storage whenever you want.

These are just a few examples of how you can make your ride much interesting, especially when you are headed for a long distance with your kids.

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