Best Mac Touch Screen Monitor In 2022

You may be using a MacBook, but sometimes it’s nice to use an Apple monitor. There are lots of reasons why you might want a touch screen monitor, but if you’re new to the world of monitors, you might wonder which model is right for you.

In this article, we explore the 5 best options available to you, so you can make an informed choice. We hope you find this guide useful and that you’ll be able to find the best Mac touch screen monitor for you in the future.

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Here We Will Discuss The 5 Best Mac touch screen monitors available in 2022:

We’ll cover the pros and cons of the best MacBook monitors for you to choose from. Let’s get started.

1. ASUS ZenScreen MB16AMT 15.6

Asus touch screen monitor for macbok

The ASUS ZenScreen MB16AMT has a Full HD portable touch screen monitor is a great product for people who love portability, as it has a weight of just 2 pounds. It’s so light that you can carry it around without any hassle, and the built-in battery allows for up to 12 hours of use. It also comes with an in-built charger so you can charge it anytime. This monitor is compatible with USB Type-C and Type-A sources so you can charge your phone or other devices while using it. This monitor can support macOS and it is a great choice for MacBook users.

It even has a built-in speaker so you can listen to your favorite songs while watching movies or browsing through your favorite websites. The screen itself is a Full HD IPS panel, which offers great visibility and a wide viewing angle. It also features ASUS Eye Care technology with TUV Rhineland-certified flicker-free backlighting and a blue light filter for eye health.

The touch screen can be used with both Windows and Android, and the built-in speakers allow for great sound quality when watching videos or listening to music. There are two speakers on the sides of the monitor, and the integrated smart cover can be flipped over to provide protection when not in use.

The integrated smart pen hole allows you to use the smartpen to mark up notes and documents, and it’s compatible with the ASUS ZenScreen MB16AMT Smart Cover. Overall, this is a great product that’s perfect for people who like portability and want to watch movies and play games anywhere. It’s also pretty affordable, so if you’re looking for a portable monitor, you should definitely check out this one.


Specific Uses For ProductMultimedia, Personal, Business
Refresh Rate60 Hz
Screen Size15.6 Inches
Special FeaturePortable, Blue Light Filter, Touch Screen, EYE CARE, Built-In Speakers


  • Slim and portable design
  • The screen is easy to read.
  • Affordable price range


  • The battery is not replaceable.

2. ViewSonic VA1655

View Sonic Monitor

ViewSonic is a well-known brand in the market for its high-quality monitors, but it’s not always easy to find a model that suits your needs. Their VA1655 is the perfect solution for you if you need a portable monitor that can also be used as a secondary screen on the go.   

The VA1655 is an IPS screen with a 2.6” display. It has a Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution and supports a maximum brightness of 300 cd/m². It comes with a 5 ms response time, and a 144 Hz refresh rate. It’s a great option if you need a portable monitor that can also be used as a secondary screen with your MacBook.

You can use it on a desk or table, or even in the car to watch movies or play games. It’s perfect for when you want to do some serious work in the office or for when you travel to work, and it can also be used as a secondary screen for your laptop or tablet. You can connect the VA1655 to a laptop via USB Type-C, or power it directly from a laptop using a USB Type-C power bank or AC adapter.

It’s compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, and Mac OS X. It has a built-in stand so you can position it at the desired height and tilt. The VA1655 is pretty portable, measuring only 3.8 inches thick and weighing under 2 pounds. It comes with a one-year warranty and it can be easily charged using an included wall charger or a USB-C power bank.

It comes with two USB Type-C ports and one Mini HDMI port. It’s also got a great ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to use, and its anti-glare screen makes it easy to see in bright light. Its viewing angles are quite good too, and its resolution won’t disappoint. So if you need a portable monitor that can also be used as a secondary screen on the go, then buy this one.


Specific Uses For ProductPersonal, Education, Business
Refresh Rate60 Hz
Screen Size15.6 Inches
Special FeaturePortable, Anti Glare Screen, Blue Light Filter, Frameless, Flicker-Free, Built-In Speakers


  • Portable and lightweight
  • It has a USB-C port
  • The screen is anti-glare.
  • The resolution is 1080p


  • It is quite expensive.

3.DoubleSight Smart USB Touch Screen LCD Monitor

If you’re looking for a great, compact, easy to use touch screen monitor for mac, then look no further than DoubleSight. This is the perfect solution if you’re looking for something that’s simple to set up, and easy to use. It’s also very portable and comes with a nice stand so you can position it in different ways.

The monitor features an LCD screen with a 10-inch display and 1024 x 600 resolution. The touchscreen panel is responsive and intuitive, and the stand allows you to customize the view to suit your needs.

It has a built-in USB port that lets you connect to your computer without the need for an external power adapter or any other extra cables. It uses a standard USB port, so you won’t have to worry about installing any extra hardware.

The monitor is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues. It’s also pretty easy to set up and can be installed in just a few minutes. You can use it to watch movies, play games, browse the web, or even make some notes.

With its compact design, it’s perfect for those who want to have a second monitor in their home or office.


Specific Uses For ProductPersonal
Refresh Rate4 Hz
Screen Size10 Inches
Hardware InterfaceUSB


  • The monitor is compact and portable.
  • You can use the monitor in different ways.
  • Compatible with both Windows and MAC operating systems.
  • Good battery life.


  • Does not have an HDMI port.

4. Lepow IPS Screen USB C Gaming Monitor with Type-C Mini HDMI for Laptop PC MAC

Lepow is one of the most reputable brand names in the world of laptop monitors. They’ve been producing high-quality laptop displays for years now, and their 15.6-inch Full HD monitor is one of the best out there.

It’s a perfect screen for gaming, watching movies, or doing some work on the go. It has a USB Type-C port for charging and a mini HDMI port to connect your devices.

The resolution is a pretty impressive 1920 x 1080, and the colors are quite vibrant too. They don’t offer the most contrast and blacks aren’t very deep, but they do a decent job with colors. The brightness isn’t the greatest, so it’s not great for outdoor use, but it still delivers great visuals. You can get up to 100 nits with this portable monitor.

The smart cover is really good – it folds down into different positions to create a stand of reading, typing, watching. It also has a built-in speaker to deliver audio while you’re using it.

It also has an anti-glare screen protector which will protect your screen from scratches and blemishes. This screen protector also has a UV protection feature, so you don’t have to worry about fading and discoloration. The cover also has a soft lining to keep your screen safe.

This is a great monitor for Macbook Users – you can carry this around in your backpack and use it on the go. It’s also pretty lightweight, so it won’t weigh you down. You can easily set it up on your desk or on the floor too, and the design is compact enough to fit in any space. It’s great for presentations too, as you can connect it to your laptop or PC and use it as a second monitor.

If you’re looking for a good portable monitor that’s good for gaming, watching movies, or doing some work on the go, then the Lepow is one of the best portable monitors out there. It’s also perfect for presentations.


Specific Uses For ProductGaming
Refresh Rate60 Hz
Screen Size15.6 Inches
Screen Surface DescriptionScreen


  • The screen is bright.
  • The picture quality is good.
  • Compatible with Mac and a lot of other devices.


  • Little expensive.

5. ViewSonic VP2468 Premium Dual Pack Head-Only IPS 1080p Monitors

ViewSonic has always been a company that does things a little differently. They’re known for their great customer support, and their premium products are made with high-quality materials so that they perform better than the competition. The VP2468_H2 is no different, with a 24-inch IPS panel, a 100% sRGB Rec 709 gamut, 14-bit color depth, 5-millimeter bezel, edge-to-edge display, and 3-watt power consumption.

The ViewSonic VP2468_H2 has a great viewing angle, and it’s designed with a frameless display so you can see the screen without any obstructions. It’s also got a high contrast ratio, which is perfect for watching movies or playing games.

It’s also equipped with super-thin bezels, which make it look sleek and modern. This monitor features a glossy display surface, which makes it easier to read from across the room.

ViewSonic has also included a variety of features that allow you to customize your experience. These include a 6-axis color adjustment function, an integrated color uniformity function, a 100% sRGB Rec 709 gamut, a 14-bit 3D look-up table, a 5-millimeter bezel, and 3-watt power consumption.

For easy installation, ViewSonic has designed the VP2468_H2 with dual DisplayPort ports, and it’s compatible with daisy-chaining via HDMI or DP.

The VP2468_H2 comes with a 5-year warranty on parts and labor, and a 1-year warranty on the monitor itself.


Specific Uses For ProductPersonal
Refresh Rate75 Hz
Screen Size24 Inches
Special FeatureBlue Light Filter, Anti-Glare Coating, Frameless, Flicker-Free


  • The monitor is very slim and sleek.
  • The monitor has a matte finish.
  • Can be mounted on a wall or stand easily.
  • Comes with a monitor stand.


  • No proper installation instructions

Things To Consider Before Buying A Touch Screen Monitor For Macbook in 2022:

The Touch Screen Monitor is one of the most versatile monitors out there. But Before you make any purchase you should definitely consider a few things to make your purchase great.

Screen Size

The screen size is one of the most important features of any monitor, and it’s vital that you know exactly what you’re buying.

Screen size ranges can be measured in inches, centimeters, or pixels, depending on the brand. Pixels are the smallest measurement, so they’re also the most accurate, but inches and centimeters are the most common measurements.

The higher the resolution of a monitor, the more pixels it will have. A 1920×1080 (1920 x 1080. the display is the most commonly used resolution and is the most common size for desktop monitors.

Refresh Rate

Another critical feature is refresh rate, which is the number of times a screen refreshes per second.

The higher the refresh rate, the smoother the movement on-screen. This is particularly important for gaming, as it allows the player to perceive the screen movement more smoothly.

The standard refresh rate for most monitors is 60 Hz, which is the equivalent of one image every 16 milliseconds. Higher refresh rates like 120 Hz are becoming more common, as they allow for faster screen movement.

Specific Uses For Product

You may want to buy a monitor for gaming, movie watching, or browsing the internet.

If you plan on playing games on your monitor, then a high-resolution, high-refresh-rate model is ideal.

Movie Watching

Most modern movies are in full HD resolution, so if you’re looking for a monitor for movie watching, you’ll want something that offers a resolution of 1920×1080 or higher.

Browsing The Web

Most modern websites are also in full HD resolution, so if you’re looking for a monitor for web browsing, you’ll want something with a resolution of 1920×1080 or higher.


In conclusion, The best Mac Touch Screen Monitor is the one that will let you work comfortably without having to hold it in your hands. The monitor should have a great resolution and color quality, and be ergonomically designed so that it is easy to use for long periods of time. It should also be easy to adjust the size and brightness of the screen.

The most important thing is to make sure that you are using the right monitor for your needs. You can find great monitors at Amazon for a reasonable price. I personally use the Asus 27” widescreen, which is the perfect size for my setup.

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