The Best Apple TV Games 2022

It’s time to stop thinking of Apple TV as just a limited resource that might be interesting only if there is absolutely nothing else to do. So that you know, Apple TV is a high-grade system furnished with various applications and amazing games you can enjoy using an MFi controller or the Siri Remote.

Another common misunderstanding about Apple TV is that it offers a kind of games that can only please those freaky Nintendo gamers. In recent times, games for Apple devices like iPad and iPhone became much more qualitative. Moreover, once you try playing Apple TV games, you will be impressed not only by the quality but also by the power of Metal software and the A9X processor.

We have prepared a list of games for every taste, from shooters to logical arcades, so enjoy!

Beach Buggy Racing

Maybe you already know this game from its previous versions. However, if you didn’t play it on the Apple TV with a controller before – you have missed more than half the fun. With a controller, this Apple TV game turns into an amazing console game.

Beach Buggy Racing has a wide range of stylish cars and drivers with special powers and other interesting things that will surprise you during a race. So if you are fond of racing games, make sure to brighten up your evening with this one.


This is a popular shooter with really great graphics. In addition, this is a perfect chance to test your MFI controller and make sure that Apple TV is no worse than a traditional console.

Beat Sports

Siri Remote can be used similarly to the Wii U controller due to the in-built accelerometer, so you can enjoy this amazing game to the fullest.

Beat Sports is a perfect choice for those who love cartoons, cute monsters, and music. So get around the TV with your buddies or family members and get ready to have your fling with funny and amusing creatures.

AG Drive

This is another great driving video game. We bet that if you are a Wipeout fan, you will love AG Drive for sure. This game offers you a lot of interesting tracks, full of surprises and tricks. Moreover, this application doesn’t have any internal purchases so you don’t need to skip them every time during the game.

Instead, you win rounds, earn prize money and upgrade your car, which allows you to move on the higher levels and meet more skilled competitors (as a result, earn more money).  You can use Apple TV remote to play it, however, an app developer didn’t take care about the auto-accelerate function, so you’ll have to hold the Pause button for a pretty long period every time.

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