Top 15 Must-Have Accessories for Your iPhone X

Each time Apple launches a new iPhone, there appears a lot of extra stuff that makes your device look awesome and make you enjoy your experience. Of course, your new device is perfect by itself and does not require anything extra. However, what is the fun then? New bright accessories do not only look good but also make your work easier and more pleasant and add more iPhone X features. So if you want to open the world of wireless technology and cool toys for your new smartphone, check out our guide on the best iPhone X accessories.

  1. Wireless charging device
  2. Virtual Reality headset
  3. A cleaning kit
  4. New AirPods
  5. Wireless headphones
  6. A dock
  7. Charge Force Power station
  8. Additional lightning cable
  9. Screen Protector
  10. Wireless charging car mount
  11. Wireless Hub
  12. SmartWatch
  13. Sphero Droids
  14. Expandable Storage
  15. Camera Bag

Wireless Charging Device

A little charging disc is a totally great addition to your list of accessories as Apple added wireless charging support and now your life got so much easier. You can do lots of things while your iPhone X is charging and this device supports 7.5-watt power to make it fast and secure. Such wireless charger usually comes in black color and cost around $49. One of the popular models now is Mophie but if you do not like the style, you can check other options of standard chargers.

Virtual Reality Headset

Now Apple is working hard to include AR and VR in your iPhone experience and Merge VR is currently one of the top iPhone-supported headsets. Made of soft materials, it is pretty flexible and adjustable so you can place your iPhone X at the distance you feel comfortable with and enjoy the experience. The price is around $30, which is fine, but if you are not okay with it, you may always use Google Cardboard. It is cheap, easy, and can be even homemade.

Cleaning Kit and New AirPods

There is no secret that your iPhone gets dirty all the time and a cleaning kit can be a good helpful tool that kills germs with a spray, safely cleans your device, and leaves no streaks. Apart from that, new AirPods can also become a great accessory for your iPhone X – just $159 and the speakers will work smoothly with all your Apple products. Compared to other similar products, they also have Siri functioning, so you should definitely consider it when choosing accessories.

Wireless Headphones and Screen Protector

If you are a fan of wireless technology, then the best wireless headphones for you will be the line of Beats Studio3. They are comfortable, they provide a great experience with canceling noise and the battery life ranges from 22 to 40 which is really not bad. The headphones come in white, black, blue, red, gray, and rose colors and cost around $345.

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Another important element is the screen protector – we are sure you know how much it costs to replace the screen if you accidentally dropped your iPhone X (from $300 to $500). So if you are being clumsy with your device, make an investment into its safety in advance. A simple plastic screen will not protect your iPhone, but a tempered glass can, so have a look at the tempered glass line for iPhone X that has an Oleophobic coating.

Dock and Charge Force Power Station

A dock can make it simple for you to charge your iPhone X and also clean up your desk or nightstand. The two most popular docks are currently Native Union Dock+ and TwelveSouth HiRise 2 which are both attractive and have lightning cables, so no worries about buying something extra! And when it comes to charging force power station, first you need to remember that it is not just a power bank but the one supporting Qi – you can both charge it wirelessly and plugged in. The device has a 10,000mAh battery and costs $70 – pretty good for keeping your iPhone X powered for two days!

Lightning Cable, Camera Bag and Sphero Droids

If this is your first Apple product, then keep in mind that it is necessary to have more than just one cable for connection. There is a variety of lightning cables of different colors and lengths to choose from, all of them are wrapped in nylon for good protection and the price is just $17. As for droids, there is nothing to tell about: just buy one and enjoy the dark or light side with your friends. What is really worth talking about is a new camera bag that was created specifically for iPhones and has no alternatives. You should definitely check it out!

Car Wireless Charging, Expandable Storage and Smart Watch

Now charging your phone while driving is easy! iOttie creates slim chargers that can be used in the car and the price of such chargers is just $45. Compared to other not only attractive but useful accessories for your iPhone X, there are also expandable storage and smartwatch. LTE feature allows you to call directly by pressing a button in the top-left corner and it also comes with a gyroscope, GPS, activity tracker, and heart rate sensor. And as for extra storage, jumping from 64 to 256GB will cost you $150.

Got interested? So what is your favorite iPhone X accessory?

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