The Best iPad Pro Keyboards: What Do You Need to Know

Many users consider the iPad Pro as the best model for a laptop replacement you can get nowadays. Especially the 12.9-inch model, where a screen is larger than in some devices Apple’s competitors make. However, this model has one disadvantage: it does not have a physical keyboard. For some users, it may be a good reason to buy it, as sometimes those on-screen keys cannot satisfy your needs (mostly, if you are using an iPad Pro for some creative tasks).

Below, we present you with a list of the best iPad Pro keyboards for both models.

Apple Smart Keyboard for 10.5in iPad Pro

Price $159

There are many interesting choices among the keyboards for the mentioned models, but if you want something special – you may consider this one. This keyboard is slim, microfiber-lined, and wipeable, and it is worth your money. Apple Smart Keyboard is a good accessory to use with your iPad Pro. However, Apple did not include it in the price of the tablet, which is a pity. You do not need to worry about battery life or a Bluetooth connection since the Smart Connector can handle these aspects easily. It also has many additional and useful functions, including some extra shortcuts that are developed for iOS commands (for example, Command-H or Command-Space). Moreover, you can use some basic Mac keyboard commands, like Command-Tab to switch between apps. This model is available for both 10.5 and 12.9in iPad Pros.

Apple Magic Keyboard

Price $99

The Apple Magic Keyboard is compatible with all iOS devices running iOS 9.1 and above. There were some tests with iPad models, which showed perfect results. Moreover, Apple’s older Wireless Keyboard could be used with iPad too so that you may try it as well. This standalone and conventional keyboard has the main advantage of having larger keys than most iPad keyboards. You can also attach this model upwards at a more comfortable angle if you need to use it for some typing work. Also, according to Apple, this keyboard has a powerful battery, and it can last for a month between charges. It is a good purchase for office activities, however, some users may find it not very portable, and you will probably need to buy some extra accessories somewhere along the line. The larger version with a Numpad is available for an extra $30.

Brydge 12.9

Price $149.99

This is probably the most famous keyboard, which can turn your favorite iPad into MacBook. The current model of Brydge is no exception. It has a good-engineered design with high-grade aluminum, including some differences in comparison with some material-made cases on the market. Brydge has many positive feedbacks from users around the world, and it does make you feel like you are using a MacBook Pro since this model 12.9 is very comfortable and natural. By attaching this keyboard to your iPad, it easily turns a tablet into a laptop, leaving no questions behind. Also, it has some iOS command keys, which allow you make different tasks: you can change the brightness of the display, control your media playback, or more. The Brydge 12.9in the model can provide you with a 180-degree viewing angle, which is a huge advantage in comparison with famous rivals. You can also change the angle of your keyboard, including many additional features that come with this model. The worst part is a lack of the new Smart Connector since Brydge 12.9 can be connected via Bluetooth only and it requires additional charges.

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If you want to use a good-looking and high-end keyboard case for your iPad Pro, then it is your option. It is available also for both 10.5 and 12.9in models.

Logitech Slim Combo for 10.5in iPad Pro

Price $129.95

This is the best model of a keyboard you can get for your 10.5in iPad Pro. It cannot offer you a slim or good-looking design, but the best part of purchasing this model is functionality and protection. Not all keyboard models can offer the same. It is impressive and very comfortable to use, and you will notice how it perfectly fits your favorite iPad Pro. Many additional functions are included: adjustable backlighting with three settings (off, dim, bright), and lightweight with the grippy bottom of the keyboard.

Razer Mechanical Keyboard Case

Price $169.99

Razer is famous for its many products, and they can offer something interesting and functional for your iPad Pro. In this case, take a look at a keyboard for the 12.9in iPad Pro.

The overall experience of many users is satisfying: this model can be a perfect option for daily office tasks and typing. It has 20 brightness levels, allowing you to adjust the brightness you need. If you are using the 12.9in iPad Pro, the Razer Mechanical Keyboard is worth your attention and money.

Zagg Rugged Messenger for 10.5in iPad Pro

Price $99.99

Zagg’s Rugged Messenger Keyboard is something that you are looking for. It offers you not only protection but some comprehensive features as well. Again, it does have the Smart Connector, since it connects via MicroUSB Charger. Many impressive features can be a good reason for you to purchase this model.

Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard

Price $99.95

If you are not interested in the models above, you may switch to Microsoft. They may not look pretty, but this model can offer you many useful features and good functionality.

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