How to Make Your Mac Run Faster: a Guide for Mac Users

There is nothing faster in this world than a fresh Mac computer. However, when it slows down, it is not necessary to buy a new one, you can save money by making a slow mac faster. Macs are wonderful computers, but they are still expensive, so you want to be sure, in fact, that you will get a good device before buying. Here are some recommendations on how to make Mac run faster, get more of your own computer, and keep it at the top. The below-mentioned instructions are based on manual actions and the use of automatic cleaners like MacFly Pro that make the process faster and more convenient.

Removing the Apps No Longer in Use

First of all, remove apps that you no longer use. Look through the Applications folder and see if there are any programs that you don’t need. In any case, you can always use Uninstaller to get rid of them and free up space on a hard drive. In order to delete applications, simply click and drag the application icons to the Trash bin on macOS.

Free up Space on a Hard Drive if you Have a Worn out Mac

The more you have on your hard drive (SSD), the greater time your Mac takes to operate. It does not matter if you have an old Mac laptop or Mac Pro, it will sort files longer in order to find what you really want. In case your disk is full of materials and files, delete them or move files and folders on Mac to the iCloud service similar to Google Disk.

Buy a Solid State Drive

Instead of the usual rotating hard drive, the SSD works like a USB drive and gives you much faster access to your files. The SSD is not affected by excessive filling up, so you do not have to worry about cleaning up old files and applications in case you do not need to release space for fresh ones. Apple began to apply them to the MacBook Pro devices in 2013.

End of Memory Saving Processes

Start the Activity Monitor from the Applications folder in order to make sure that nothing is taking a large amount of memory. If some process takes up too much of Mac’s memory, destroy the process and give the computer some time. You can right-click the Activity Monitor checking which processes use a huge amount of memory on the “Memory” tab, and click the X button in the upper left corner of the “Activity Monitor” window. The same goes for applications.

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Applications, like the tabs in web browsers, still have every chance of eating up your memory in case you have a ton of open programs. Apple has a number of comfortable button combinations that allow you to get rid of these applications quickly.

Closing Unused Tabs in Your Browser

The open tabs in browsers take up memory even if there is a small amount of them. This has the ability to take up even more if you are that kind of a person who opens 15 tabs every day and never closes them. Try to get used to closing the tabs as soon as you finish using them.

Clear your Browser’s Cache

In case you notice the slow performance of your Mac when you surf online, it is possible that your web browser takes up some of your memory via the browser’s cache. Remember to clear the cache in order to speed up the work. The instructions are highlighted for every browser, but, in general, you have to go to the Settings option and run the History function to delete it. Make sure that you do not use a very large number of browser extensions or plugins as well since your web browser has the ability to require additional memory via browser extensions. So, you can speed up the work by removing all those old extensions or plugins that you no longer use. Especially, if you use Chrome, do not let it use too much of your memory.

Clean Up the Applications that Run when You Start Your Computer

Go to the System Preferences > Users&Groups to look at the list of applications that run when you start your Mac. If any of them are considered applications that you do not need immediately, remove them from the list. The next step is to update the software. This is an elementary good practice to make sure that you use the most progressive software.