How to Stop Autoplay Videos in Safari 11?

There are two possible ways to treat autoplay videos in your browser: you either detest them or hate them. Fortunately, with Safari upgrade to macOS High Sierra, you can turn off the autoplay on your own and enjoy more or less quiet Internet.

In this article, we will show you a fast and simple way to do so. Let’s get started.

A simple way to get rid of annoying autoplay videos

When you visit a web page that uses such muck as autoplay videos, you can control their behavior this way:

  • Click on Safari > Settings for This Website or right-click the URL box and select Settings for This Website

Next, you will see a message under the URL box with a listing that includes option Autoplay. Place the cursor over this word and a new pop-up will offer you to:

  • Allow All Auto-Play
  • Stop Media with Sound
  • Never Auto-Play

You know what to do, don’t you?

To quit this menu, just click elsewhere on your screen. That’s it! From now on, all the video files on Internet pages will only play when you press a Play button on them. No need to spring up into the air every time a sudden advertisement roars right into your headphones. Remember that you can change these options at any time you feel so for each specific site.

Another simple way to turn off autoplay videos

  • Open Safari and go to a website with autoplay videos you want to deactivate
  • Click on Safari > Preferences
  • Click on the Websites icon at the top of the main window
  • Click on Auto-Play in the left column
  • On your right, you will see a line “Allow websites below to automatically play media.” There you will see a website you are browsing at the moment.
  • Click the pop-up window to the right of the listed website.

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You will have three choices to select:

  • Allow All Auto-Play
  • Stop Media with Sound
  • Never Auto-Play

Select the option you need and the chosen website will appear in the list of Configured Websites. You are free to set upsetting for all the websites listed there.

Pay attention to the setting at the bottom of the window called “When visiting other websites.” This setting is for pages not included in a list of Configured Websites. You will find the same options there.

Just like the first method we have described before, this one allows you to change the settings for every website and go back to the initial configurations if needed.

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